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11.04 Quiz Night Update

11 Apr

Quiz Night Updates

May I Slytherin lost in a hard fought match with Lo5ers and Team Whatever has moved on to the next round.  Wet, Wet, Wet, cancelled at the last minute and we couldn’t find a fair way to substitute another team.

Don’t forget…..all teams can still sign up to win the daily prize.


We thought it would be fair to recalculate the team averages with tonight’s results and add in bonus points for attendance and getting first, second or third place.  The top two teams remain the same, but we have some changes.

Here are the matchups for 18.04:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.54.32 AM



Past Results

These are the results from the past weeks we used to get the averages.  We are hoping they are the last four, but it is possible they’re not.  Luckily the attendance bonuses and winning bonuses make it so things wouldn’t change really.


Quiz Tournament

11 Apr

Quiz Night Tournament Time

Hey guys and gals!  We decided to switch things up a little bit.  We will end quiz for the season with our last Quiz Night being Monday, May 2.  If some of you remember, as tourists start to come they like to yell the answers to be funny, but it isn’t all that amusing.  Plus, all of you guys start traveling or working your summer jobs.  So four more quiz nights.

Here is the fun part.  Using the last month’s scores, I have ranked all of the teams.  Here are the basics how I got to the rankings:

  • Minimum attendance of two times out of the last four.
  • I averaged each team’s scores for those days they participated.
  • If you played three weeks ago, the quiz was hard.  You got an extra 14% boost for that week if you played.  (Fun fact: the average team gets about 60% of the total points).
  • You got an extra point added on for each day you played over the past month.
  • Horse racing rules: win (3 points), place (2nd place – 2 points), show (3rd place – 1 point) was added to your average for every week you won, placed or showed.

So here are the rankings!

  1. Pink Unicorns
  2. Emporer’s Finest
  3. Schmetterling
  4. The Haters
  5. Kapucini
  6. E=MC Hammer
  7. Wet, Wet, Wet
  8. Lo5ers
  9. May I Slytherin
  10. Whatever

Tournament Rules

All the teams can play and sign up every week.  The tournament is for the pot.  That is five kuna from every participant for the next four quizzes.  To Je To will also add 500 kuna!

If any team gets all of the questions correct in any round, they will no longer get the pot.

If you miss a match, it counts as a forfeit.  Single elimination rules.

The winning team, even if they are not in the tournament can still win the other five kuna daily pot.  If you are no longer in the tournament you still can win.  One way to look at it is that there are two games: 1) the game where you are competing against all of the teams; 2) and the game where you are competing against one team to advance in the tournament.

Again, if you lose your tournament game you can still play the rest of the games and can still win the daily pot….you just can’t win the rollover pot plus 500 from TJT.

Tournament Bracket

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.19.30 PM


There you have it!  This week we have May I Slytherin vs. Lo5ers.  We also have Wet, Wet, Wet vs. Team Whatever.  Let the games begin!!!!!