#MOLLiga Playoff scenarios. #hockey

18 Feb

After following the league all year, with a short hiatus over the holidays, it is a fun time for hockey.  Playoffs are starting for hockey all throughout Europe.  In the MOL Liga, there are still three teams fighting for the final two spots with only four game days left.  Below is the breakdown of possible scenarios based on tonight’s games, but first, the standings.


Points breakdown, which makes this oh so confusing growing up watching North American sports where a win is a win.  Nevertheless:

  • 3 points for a regulation or overtime win;
  • 2 points for a shootout win;
  • 1 point for an overtime or shootout loss.

First, the easy ones.  DAB Docler (Dunaujvaros Acelbikak) have locked up the top spot and will have home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs.  The two Budapest teams, Ferencvaros and Ujpest, are out of playoff contention.

Miskolc Jegesmedvek

Miskolc have also locked up a playoff spot.  They also control their own destiny to grab the second seed and need only one point to secure first round home-ice.  However, if they lose out and HSC Csikszereda wins the rest of their games, Miskolc could drop to the third seed.  Miskolc plays Ferencvaros tonight at home, who put up a spirited performance against Nove Namky on Sunday night.

HSC Csikszereda

Csikszereda has not clinched a playoff spot yet, but could today on their night off, and they control their own chances.  Here are there playoff scenarios:

  • If Csikszereda loses the remainder of their games and Nove Zamky and Corona Brasov win their games, then Csikszereda misses the playoffs;
  • If Csikszereda gets one point in their final three games or if Nove Zamky or Corona Brasov get less than three points in their final three games, then Csikszereda clinches a spot;
  • Csikszereda, if they make the playoffs, have the opportunity to get as high as the second seed, but could fall as low as fourth.

HC Nove Zamky

Nove Zamky is hanging on to the final playoff spot and the also control their own destiny.  There was a bit of a scare yesterday as Ferencvaros controlled the game early before giving up three third period goals.  Nove Zamky sealed the win with an empty netter with just over a minute to go to win 5-3.  Here are there playoff scenarios:

  • Nove Zamky can clinch by winning their final three games or if Corona Brasov loses in regulation in two of their final three games;
  • Currently, Nove Zamky has the point differential over Csikszereda, which is used for tiebreakers.  So, if Nove Zamky can make up the four point differential on Csikszereda they could grab the third seed.

ASC Corona Brasov

Brasso has been hanging on the edge of the final playoff spot all year.  They had an opportunity to gain on Nove Zamky last night, but lost in overtime against DAB Docler.  They still have a chance, but they need help.

  • Brasso has the goal differential tiebreaker over both Nove Zamky and Csikszereda.  If they can tie either team in points, they can move as high as the third seed.
  • Brasso needs one of the two teams above them to lose.  Csikszereda would have to lose all of their games for Brasso to take their spot.  They only need to gain one game on Nove Zamky to tie.

The interesting games down the stretch mostly fall into Brasso’s hands.  They have to play DAB Dolcer again on 24 February, but Nove Zamky has to play them tonight.  Brasso needs to win tonight and hope the Dunaujvaros plays their starters like they did against them on Sunday.  Brasso also has to play Csikszereda on 22 February.  The playoffs will be finalized likely based on the results of these three games.

Anyone up for a trip to Romania?


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