Sunday shout outs – the early Monday morning edition

3 Dec

Sorry for the late shout outs everybody.  Exam week stinks.  Thank you to everyone on Twitter and elsewhere following my voyage.  To those of you Twitter people who don’t like my incessant live game updates and unfollow me, I still love you…but NO SHOUT OUTS for you.

Tell your friends about me!  Follow me on Twitter @bourciertm, keep checking this out and read my hockey articles at the Articles link.  Shout out time!

Thanks new blog followers!  Good reads here…check them out for yourself!


New Twitter peeps.  Some fan sites, some hockey product people and a hockey fan from Canada that does deep earth drilling.  See what these ones are up to.

We safely and efficiently provide many types of surface drilling – coring, environmental, geotechnical, geothermal and water-wells.

You can have more ice time! Rethink The Rink is an initiative for more affordable, green and safe @SuperGlideNorth hockey rinks across Canada.

Nadszedł czas na nową wizję!  (Author’s note: this reads “time for a new visions” in Polish)

We tweet all of the breaking news stories about Mike Ribeiro from around the web. We are not affiliated with Mike Ribeiro. We are just huge fans !!

Unoffical fans twitter account of Cleveland Cavaliers

I seek out jobs for anyone wanting to work in the Ice Hockey industry. If you’re a player or a non player you can work in the exciting world of Ice Hockey.

Magazine, apps and social media. Your hockey lifestyle source for innovative products, services and information.


My friend Elena is now following me via email from London.  We miss her Bulgarian-self here in Budapest.  Thanks Petco!


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