Two MAJOR games in #MOL Liga #hockey action tonight

2 Dec

Two games on the evening’s schedule:

HSC Csikszereda vs. Ferencvaros TC from Romania

Ferencvaros is hanging by a string.  In sixth place, they are 8 games out of a playoff spot with 23 games left to play.  Time is running out for the south Budapest side.  Csikszereda on the other hand has struggled with consistency, but somehow has moved into third place.  After Friday’s shootout victory over Miskolc, last year’s table winners sit one game out of second place (behind Miskolc).  Lots of credit to Vaclav Novak and Lubomir Hurtaj, the third and sixth league scorers, keeping them in the running for a home playoff spot.

A Ferencvaros loss would almost surely put an end to any playoff hopes.  An upset over Csikszereda could be the start of a run for FTC and would also give some added hope to ASC Corona Brasov to sneak in to the playoffs.

ASC Corona Brasov vs. Miskolc Jegesmedvek

Brasov is on a three game win streak as they sit three games out of the final playoff spot.  Miskolc went on a run in November and ended up in second place with strong play from the league’s top leading scorers, Martin Saluga and Gergo Nagy.

After a messy game against Ujpest two weeks back, Brasov has come alive.  Patrik Polc has allowed only two goals in three games and the Romanian side has gotten back to an all-around team strategy.  With Novy Zamky in fourth place having the night off, a Brasov places them two games out of the playoffs.  This could also lead to Miskolc sliding into third place – which is the difference between playing one or two games in Romania come playoff time.  A Miskolc win will help them keep second place and a Csikszereda loss would give them some extra space.

I will be live updating games on Twitter.  Check me out @bourciertm or on the right side of my blog, though it is slightly delayed.  Enjoy your Sunday!  Sunday Shout Outs to come later.



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