MatLab, the gym, hockey as respite, upcoming final exams, the never ending job hunt and other #Monday thoughts

19 Nov

These final weeks of the year are starting to get crazy.  Whoever pioneered the field of Industrial Organization is a genius.  I don’t mean that in a good way, like going to get beers is a genius idea (which is a genius idea every single time).  I mean this guy/girl has to seriously be a certified genius.  I spent nearly a full weekend in the computer lab trying to use MatLab.  My engineering friend told me he had entire semester-long classes on MatLab.  Me – 2 hours of MatLab instruction.  I am expected to be able to make loop commands with 3D arrays and blah, blah, blah.  The kicker is, others can do this stuff I am in class with.  It is impressive!

What it meant for me is a missed hockey game on Sunday.  Look, I am volunteering and taking stats.  I meet usually with angry coaches on a team that doesn’t win very often.  But, hockey games have become a respite for me from the day-to-day classes and studying.  The game I missed: the boys won.  Maybe I am a bad omen….

My wife also convinced me to join the gym.  So, with finals starting in three weeks the schedule is becoming a bit of a mess:

No room for error.  Take too long in the lab, miss the gym.  Take too long with homework, miss a class.

On top of all this craziness I am still trying to find a summer internship.  I am still sending out a bunch of emails.  Of course, I also need to make some time for blogging.

Thursday hockey.  Friday should be awesome – date night with the wifey!  Saturday we are celebrating Thanksgiving with some friends.

Lesson:  always make time for leisure.  Work hard, play hard!


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