#Sunday shout outs….and the perils of being a PhD student

18 Nov

First, the perils of being in this economics program.  Ok, look, things aren’t so bad.  It sucked not being able to watch hockey on Sunday because I was in a computer lab all weekend.  Hard work never hurt anyone though.  The team I cover, Ujpest, picked up 4 points this weekend!  Still a long way to go, but the teams above them lost as well and they have a rivalry game Thursday.  If they are going to make up ground…now is the time.

Quick Sunday shoutouts

Had a couple new followers this week.  Everything is helpful!  If you read this and you know someone who might want to work with someone like me…I am in the hunt for internships.  Pay the shout out forward!


Check these two out!  Thanks for following me guys:



App development, mobile ad network, news media, social media management, events, printing, promotional items, publishing, retail

The sport of hockey has a long history of pride, tradition and recognition that is often captured and symbolized by a hockey puck.@HockeySciTech iPhone app.

Japanese student who loves Washington Capitals. Does the lockout end yet?




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