MOL Liga play starts back up tonight. Big matchups at the halfway point. Live updates for the #Ujpest #Csikszereda on Twitter.

16 Nov

MOL Liga play starts back up this evening after the Olympic prequalifier break.

The big matchup this evening involve DAB Dolcer and the Miskolc Jegesmedvek (Polar Bears).  DAB has won all three games this season against Miskolc, but the games were close.  The Polar Bears look to gain ground on Novy Zamky; a win here could get them within one point of second place in the standings.

Novy Zamky is at home tonight against Corona Brasov.  Brasov sits nine points out for the last playoff and need to get a winning streak going.  Tonight would be a good time to break their two game losing streak.

Ujpest is on their last leg for having any playoff hopes.  HSC Csikszereda should be playing with urgency as well to move up from their current position.  These two teams meet tonight in Budapest.

Ferencvaros has the night off, but picks it back up at home on Sunday.

I will give scoring and between period updates on my Twitter feed for the Ujpest/Csikszereda matchup.  Follow me on Twitter (@bourciertm) or check out delayed updates on the right side of my blog.  Friday hockey in Hungary at 18:00!


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