Hungary vs. The Netherlands – Group G #Olympic prequalifier final in #Budapest. Follow me on Twitter for live updates.

11 Nov

Hungary will take on the Netherlands in front of a Budapest home crowd at the Budapest Sports Arena at 17:30 this evening (GMT +1).  Both finalists have been completely dominant over Lithuania and Croatia in the first two days of action.

Neither team has really seen their goaltenders tested, so tonight’s game should be a battle of who is better in the net.

Hungary has the home crowd advantage and the better skaters.  The Netherlands have the more physical side and Hungary has not seen much physical play yet.  Hungary should take this, especially if Holland continues to come out of the gate slowly.

Anything can happen, but I am going to guess a 5-4 game…..I really can’t pick a winner.  If I was a betting man, I would keep my money in my pocket on this one.  Too many wild cards to take into account.  Both teams can score and neither team has been tested.  Maybe Hungary with the edge because of the fans…

The consolation match is Croatia and Lithuania at 14:00.  I will not be live tweeting this game.  However, you can get live updates of your own at the IIHF Group G website.  After the game starts, there will be a ‘live’ link where you can see scoring and penalty updates shortly after they occur.


Hungary’s Sofron just before scoring on a penalty shot in Saturday’s 13-0 win of Croatia.


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