Opportunities and new beginnings

2 Nov

Today has been a pretty good day for progressing into the sports world.  My wife’s cousin hooked me up with a couple contacts he had in the industry.  Let’s hope the connections provide good advice or better opportunities.  There is no pride in trying to do this alone.  I appreciate and ask for all the help I can get, especially in this competitive of an industry in this difficult of a jobs environment.

Also, I will now be working with eurohockey.com.  I will be covering all things Hungarian hockey.  They want me to provide weekly reports and periodic interviews.  I’ll post links to my articles here somewhere, but I won’t highlight them as part of my blog posts.  My goal is really to keep this as a diary of sorts of trying to make this thing work.

Which brings me to the following thoughts of the day.  I have basically worked at least one job, if not more, since I have been 12 years old.  First I was a paperboy (do those still exist?), stocked shelves and organized recyclables at the local convenience store, ten years in the restaurant industry, two years at a juvenile detention facility, two years as a statistician and seven years as a urban planning consultant.  Coming from a blue-collar city, working is in my blood.

This is really the first time in my life where I haven’t had a full-time job.  However, I am still doing some consulting back in Baltimore and working part-time at the arena.  I find myself looking for jobs – acareer really – very often and I consider applying, though I am still in school.  My job search tends to be a all-cards-on-the-table-sort-of-search.  I recently emailed the local UN-International Labour Organization.  I review jobs in academia.  I look at jobs in Budapest in consulting.  I look at jobs in banks and other things I don’t think I would even like.

I find myself at this place where I am worried about making sure I can support my family and being patient in order to pursue my dream.  I am learning to walk that line between getting back into the real world and being confident that I can get a career I want when it’s time.  Patience, patience, patience……


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