30 Oct

Last crazy monthly update…this will catch me up.

Briefly, about the team.  They lost every game in the first half of October, but did get a couple over overtime loss points.  The team scores on its power plays and is competitive against the bottom half of the teams in the league.  Practice is paying off and all of the hard work coaching.

The team still lacks that drive and heart you expect from a professional team.  They are also pretty bad at even strength….which is most of the game.  IMHO, the goalkeepers keep these guys in the game.

That started to change a bit with the luck addition of two new players.  The first is a Swedish guy working locally who was let go from his contract with Ujpest’s archrivals, Ferencvaros. I imagine that Linus won’t practice much with the team because of his other job, but he made an immediate impact with the team with his forechecking and skating skill.  He also was the only scorer in the team’s first win in a shootout.

The second is the coaches little brother.  He is 18, but scored in his first game coming from the “Elite” league:  Erste Bank Austrian League.  Unfortunately, he is out with a severe shoulder injury and his return this season is uncertain.

Nevertheless, these guys now have two wins and two draws (8 points).  Though there is improvement, they are still dwelling at the bottom of the league standings.

After my return from a glorious vacation, I was hoping to be part of the streak (2-1-0 in the last three).  Alas, I am a curse!  The boys lost a hard fought game against Ferencvaros 4 to 2.  They were outplayed all night but kept it close until 4:00 left in the second where FTC scored two quick goals.  They never recovered, but winning doesn’t come easy.

Next game: DAB Dolcer in Dunaujvaros on Friday.  These guys are a top of the league and beat up Ujpest 10-0 on Monday (you see that correctly ten to zero).  They have to push for a win, but we are hoping for competitiveness.

Ok-I am all caught up, so it will be daily posts on my sporting aspirations and my life in said pursuits.  Hope you will all enjoy!


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