Love was changing the mind of pretenders…..

30 Oct

Pretenders is right!  I am going to be critical here…maybe I shouldn’t be.  Maybe anyone who matters won’t read this.  The coaches stated this also though so I don’t feel so bad about hurt feelings.

I have never seen such a lack of motivation, and in professional sports, unheard of…  This hockey statistic thing I was doing was junk.  They were losing every game…some of them bad.  4-0, 5-0, 7-1.  You know what that plus/minus rating looks like?  And what are the coaches choices?  No money for other players, no farm team to bring players up from.  These guys were being paid to play hockey, with little chance to lose their job.  They simply didn’t give a shit!

During practices the atmosphere was weird….from the beginning now that I look back.  They would scrimmage four lines against each other: the reds, blacks, whites and blues.  Every time a line would score they would cheer.  Subtle, but this bothered the hell out of me.  When I played rugby, we never cheered in practice when we scored….we were expected to score.  I got yelled at by a coach in football for showboating after a fumble recovery.  Who celebrates during practice???  A no-win team….

This team needs a serious fire lit under their collective asses!  And for me….I’m trying to see how I can still help.  Nothing good is coming out in my numbers.  Being outshot by 20, no hits, no hustle plays, no “real” scoring chances.

This team reminded me much of what an old boss said to me when I griped about a new manager who was not the sharpest knife in the drawer….he said he would rather have 10 of the other guy working for him than one really good worker with a bad attitude (me).

In this case, stats didn’t matter.  This team could use 20 dudes with more heart and less talent, because the young talent on this team was getting them nowhere.  Time to change my focus to in-game adjustments.  Things to help keep the games close….that is my goal for now….  The coaches would have to keep them motivated and I needed to do what I can between periods to share my observations to help with the little changes.


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