Do you remember…

30 Oct

I’m trying to recap September in my mind with the hockey club.  Lot’s of positive stuff.  Let’s start there.

The team is very young.  The average age is maybe 20 or 21.  This is their first time at the professional level, maybe with the prior season under their belt.  Mid-month the team picked up a 33 year old guy.  It was an immediate improvement in the Miskolc game.  Pal’s line is now the #1 line on the team.

I also got my first travel opportunity with the team.  My first game was also the first game with a new coach from Finalnd, Jasi.  Jasi and Balint (the other coach) went to hockey school in Finland together.  It will be nice to get some fresh feedback with another English speaker as we share this new experience together.

The experience, from a personal level, is awesome.  Hockey game attendance, working with professional coaches and staff…and within the limits of my poor Hungarian skills, the opportunity to help out wherever I can.  The ability to shape my experience with the team is really cool.  Right now, I am trying to stay out of the way.  Attending practices, asking questions on the car rides home, game day stuff, reviewing film….

Now for the bad news…..


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